Hurry! Doors Close In


Take back control of your teaching career by ditching the platform and forever change how you work and live as an online teacher…

But the next step feels SUPER overwhelming…

👉 You’re tired of your time taken from online platforms.

👉 You can’t make heads-or-tails of what is XiaoHongShu (Or your not sure how to safely navigate community guidelines.) 

👉 Or you just need someone to hold you to it and keep you accountable.

A LIVE Teacher Biz Chinese Social Media Marketing BOOTCAMP

🚨 Last Chance! Doors Are Closing‼️

A LIVE XiaoHongShu Marketing for Online Teachers BOOTCAMP

🚨 Last Chance! Doors Are Closing‼️

Take back control of your teaching career by ditching the platform and forever change how you work and live as an online teacher…

But the next step feels SUPER overwhelming…

👉 You’re tired of your time taken from online platforms.

👉 You can’t make heads-or-tails of what is XiaoHongShu (Or your not sure how to safely navigate community guidelines.) 

👉 Or you just need someone to hold you to it and keep you accountable.

offers hands-on guidance and expert strategies to help you leverage Chinese social media in order to attract more leads, build your profitable online teaching brand, and connect with your target student, all in just a few days.


✔️ LIVE social media marketing trainings for online teachers (with limited-time replays)

✔️Step-by-step workbooks so you always know your next move

✔️A private community of fellow online teachers for feedback, resource sharing, and collaboration.

✔️Mindset coaching to overcome obstacles and build your online teaching biz with confidence

✔️Accountability collab sessions with peers to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals

✔️PLUS: AI Tips & tricks for leveraging AI to create content efficiently as an online teacher

All to achieve ONE goal..



Last Chance‼️ 


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Using XiaoHongShu effectively is the #1 way to


without the barrier to entry of other Chinese social media platforms.

Whether You’re…

🫵 An online teacher, fed up with the unreliable income and lack of control on teaching platforms, ready to teach on your own terms (and at your own rate)!

🫵 A side-hustler online teacher, undervalued and underpaid, eager to leverage your unique skills to build a biz that echoes your true worth

🫵 An online educator, keen to skyrocket your teaching income without the added hours, by mastering the art of teacher business branding

🫵  Someone who’s faced setbacks in building a personal teacher brand, and a community to support your journey

🫵 At a point where your income seems to have plateaued, and you’re looking for a proven strategy to boost your earnings steadily

You’ll Walk Away From


1️⃣ A Solid Teacher Brand: Make a cool teacher profile that shows just how fun and awesome your classes can be!

2️⃣ Easy Content Strategy Tips: Learn how to plan your content to tell lots of people about your classes and get them excited to join.

3️⃣ Your STAR STUDENT profile: An ideal student picture of your audience to address their challenges and desired results more effectively

4️⃣ An IRRESISTIBLE offer: Aligned with your STAR STUDENTS’ needs, challenges, and learning goals for optimal conversion in your funnel

Here’s How it Works…


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Get More Done In Days Than You Have In Months


Here’s How to Get Organized

When You Enroll In XHS Bootcamp, You Get All Of These BONUSES, Too!

($197 value)

Exclusive Access to Our Private Community Facebook Group

Surround yourself with the most serious teacherpreneurs in the field.

Join us, Coach Kinga and Coach Chris, and a community of online teacher entrepreneurs at every stage of conquering Teacherprenuership for accountability, networking, and next-level support.

Whether you’re making it all happen before the sun comes up or after the kids go down, you’ll be able to get your questions answered, access Coach Chris and Coach Kinga for support, and build like-minded relationships 24-hours a day.

Instagram and TikTok could never.



($47 value)

 Replay Extension

This one’s for my fellow teachers, busy parents, and those grinding away in their day jobs.

You’ll have until October 10th – to watch the replays and lean into the community support inside the Bootcamp as you implement.


($47 value)

Step-by-Step Training Workbook

Understanding and building your XiaoHongShu marketing plan doesn’t have to be difficult… but it takes work. It requires taking one step at a time, over and over again.

So we put together a training workbook for each lesson to help you implement the necessary actionable steps in our BOOTCAMP and keep track of your progress in as simple a way as possible.

Never wonder what you should be doing next.



($47 value)

Thoughtful Talk Trainings With The Coaches

If you’ve ever ventured into the world of online teaching entrepreneurship, you know that having the right mindset is half the battle.

That innovative mind of yours can either propel you forward, keeping you grounded and serving as your personal cheerleader…

Or it can succumb to that inner critic, creeping up on you that your aspirations are “too ambitious”, and lead you back to the confines of traditional teaching platforms.

That’s why we’ll be going LIVE throughout the XiaoHongShu Bootcamp, for candid thoughtful talk discussions where we’ll share the strategies that have worked wonders for us and other successful online teachers.

Together, we’ll work on harnessing the power of your mind, turning it into your strongest ally in this online teaching business journey.


Practice makes perfect, right?

Well, inside the XiaoHongShu Bootcamp, you’ll not only learn HOW to optimize and strategise your content accordingly to convert more leads, but you’ll actually be held accountable to put it in practice by implementing our actionable steps!!

Then, inside this brand-new (that’s right, you will be the first to see it!) BONUS Masterclass, we will help you learn exactly what it takes to PIVOT INTO independence and use your XIAOHONGSHU profile to target premium clients and finally scale your online teaching rate!


That means… when you sign up

For the XiaoHongShu Bootcamp, you’ll get…

Thoughtful Talk Trainings With The Coaches ($47 Value)

Training #1: Figuring out your YOUR STAR STUDENT! ($97 Value)

Training #2: Posting with success! Strategizing your Teacher Content
($97 Value)

Training #3: Crafting your Irresistible Teacher Offer 
($97 Value)

Exclusive Access to The XiaoHongShu Bootcamp Facebook Group ($197 Value)

FREE Bonus Masterclass

Grab over $589 in value…

For Just…


Got a burning question?

Here’s what other bootcampers have asked:

THE XIAOHONGSHU BOOTCAMP is the ultimate resource for any independent teacher at any stage of their business hoping to grow or scale their Chinese student base. Regardless of whether you’ve been a teacher for 10 years or you’re just starting out. In the XIAOHONGSHU BOOTCAMP, you’ll develop a big-picture vision for your content strategy, including who you want to target… then we’ll get into focused action in the 3 major areas of your XiaoHongShu strategy. (1) Picking your STAR STUDENT and your teaching niche.  (2) Curating an efficient and diverse content strategy that attracts and retains steady leads into your business! (3) Crafting an irresistible offer your STAR STUDENTS can’t refuse and having the skills and techniques to seal the deal and convert your leads with confidence!  If that sounds like your cup of tea, The Xiaohongshu Bootcamp  is right for you!

And one more thing. THE XIAOHONGSHU BOOTCAMP  is right for you if you need a little extra dose of accountability to finally begin posting on your Xiaohongshu account. Because you’re busy. And it’s intimidating out there. We designed this Bootcamp to be hands-on and highly supportive for this reason. A Xiaohongshu profile is exactly the resource you need to begin growing and scaling your independent student base. THE XIAOHONGSHU BOOTCAMP  is designed to take you out of your head, help you come up with a clear and effective content strategy with the support of Coach Chris, Coach Kinga and a community of the brightest online teacherpreneurs around, and provide you with the tools to finally implement XiaoHongShu marketing in your independent teaching business.

We understand that life can get hectic! That’s why every session of the XiaoHongShu Bootcamp will be recorded and available for you to revisit at your convenience. Moreover, when you enroll in the bootcamp, you gain a replay extension, granting you access to all the bootcamp materials until October 11th.

However, we’ve been navigating the online teaching sphere long enough to recognize that being present live often means higher success rates, better follow-through, and the necessary motivation to reach your goals. So, we encourage you to make attending the live sessions a priority… deal?

You’re right…we’ve heard this one before. But we BELIEVE in elevating Teacherpreneurs and paying our success forward. And that’s exactly why we wanted to create a resource for teachers that was not only jam-packed with value, but also affordable!. And we believe the information in this bootcamp should be accessible to everyone (no matter their current financial situation.) That’s why the entry price is so affordable.

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Last Chance‼️ 


One-Time Payment

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