Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media

What if you could start building a strategy to reach the right type of student… and grow with them in your independent teaching business?

Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media is the proven course for teacher entrepreneurs where you’ll learn how to source high-paying students through the power of Chinese social media.

If you’re ready to learn how to attract and convert more paying students  you’ll actually enjoy teaching and you are ready to stop putting it off — we’re ready for you!

"They’re doing some really great things and several of my students... have found great success with the app. Join this course if you get a chance!"

Heyyyoooo… Your STAR Student is Looking For You.
And it’s Up to You to Help Them Find the Program You’re Offering.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this online teaching thing for a while, here’s the truth:

Now more than ever, having a student base filled to the brim with warm and hot leads, is the most important asset you can have in your independent teaching business.

But, like the countless other teachers before they enrolled in our Create & Convert offers, you might have trouble staying consistent or don’t even know where to start.

If that’s the case — Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media is the roadmap you need to star attracting more leads and build a PROFITABLE student base. 

Are you ready to grow the only asset in your business that effectively helps you source the highest-paying clients in the ESL industry, continues to generate more valuable leads as your business begins to scale, and allows you to build a real connection with your STAR STUDENTS via a value-added content strategy?

I am so grateful for this...! I recently started my independent journey... today I had my first from Xiaohongshu! Not only that but they signed up for multiple classes per week! I couldn’t have had this opportunity without this…Thank you!

By the End of This Program, You’ll Have Mastered:


Knowing What to Post and When

so consistency becomes second nature instead of getting hung up on what your next post might be.


How to Edit Content that Gets Engagement

and has more leads in your funnel than you can count that say “Teacher, I can’t wait for the next post! Can I sign up for your trial class?”


A Highly Optimized Teacher Profile

that always targets YOUR Star Student and leaves them thinking “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”


A Niche-Focused Content Strategy That Attracts the Right Students

to your funnel and builds a buyer-filled audience who look to you for solutions. And their next class!


The Confidence to Finally Make the Sale!

and create irresistible offers that your audience can’t refuse!.

Above All Else…

Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently BOOST your business (and your morale) with a student base that keeps on giving — the foundation to your true independence and abundance as an online teacher.

Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Will Transform Your Business. 

It’s Officially OPEN For Enrollment!


This course really helped me get invested in marketing myself on RED and gave me the tools and knowledge to navigate and create content for such a platform. Not only was the course interesting, but the fact that the modules were released in bite-sized chunks made it easy to follow along and implement all of the strategies. I thought coach Kinga and Chris were very supportive and eager to share their knowledge both in terms of marketing on Red but also in terms of sales!

I thought the only way to grow my student base was through referrals... but now I can see the POWER of social media marketing in the Chinese market! It's possible! This information would have taken me weeks if not months of trial and error to learn. And now, I have access to these golden nuggets of knowledge from people who have been through the process! I urge ANYONE who is apprehensive about starting their marketing journey to join this...! Thank you Kinga and Chris!

What’s Inside

Create and Convert


Module 1: Getting Started on XiaoHongShu

Don’t let the thought of using a foreign social media app overwhelm you! Follow these easy steps to safely download and install XHS on your phone and set up your initial profile. Get started today!


Module 2: Hack the RED Algorithm

Learn about the SCOPE and BACKGROUND of XiaoHongShu and what exactly it takes to build reach and awareness as a teacher on LITTLE RED BOOK. Learn about the app from the user’s and creator’s perspective.


Module 3: The Content Creator Mindset

After setting up your initial profile and understanding the ins and outs of XHS, we are ready to start CREATING. In module 3, we will be focusing on CREATING CONTENT that provides more VALUE, therefore attracting more quality leads to your profile. We’ll set you up with a content strategy that will allow for more consistent posting and growth of your profile.


Module 4: Tech for Teachers

Learn all of the KEY SKILLS and TECHNOLOGY necessary for teachers to produce and repurpose content for SOCIAL MEDIA and MARKETING. Including video editing, subtitles, graphic design, branding, and more!!!


Module 5: The Sales-savvy Teacher

Now, that our profile is fully optimized and our content is garnering more leads, we are ready to put our salesman hat on and start converting students. In this module, we will learn all of the effective sales strategies necessary to CLOSE THE DEAL, including your sales funnel, communication/dialogue, negotiation tactics, and conversion! Let’s make that money!


Module 6: Scaling Your Business and Beyond

Scale your business and more with your preferred communication tool! In this module, we will learn all about which APPS are most effective to use in addition to XHS. We will cover Kinga’s INNOVATIVE student management systems, effective communication strategies with your clients, and using your current student base for more direct marketing to your warm and hot leads!

When you add it up that’s a grand total of $1997

But, when you enroll today you can access Create and Convert for just…



These Bonuses to Help You Bring Your Business from Sustainable to Profitable



($97 value)

Understanding and building your XiaoHongShu marketing plan doesn’t have to be difficult… but it takes work. It requires taking one step at a time, over and over again.

So we put together a training workbook for each lesson to help you implement the necessary actionable steps in our course and keep track of your progress in as simple a way as possible.

Never wonder what you should be doing next.


The Ultimate WeChat Guide for Teacherpreneurs Targeting Chinese Students

($47 value)

WeChat is an absolute MUST-HAVE for online teachers targeting the Chinese ESL market as it’s not only the main form of communication and correspondence in China, but it will help you to continue to grow and scale your biz further via WeChat marketing.

  • how to set up/verify your account
  • using WeChat for correspondence with clients
  • using WeChat to convert and store leads
  • using WeChat marketing to scale your student base/biz
  • other alternatives to WeChat


Must-Have Sales Templates for the Independent Teacher

($47 value)

For clear, professional, and automated communication with your Chinese clients on topics like:

  • initial class inquiry
  • class assessment/evaluation
  • price and package negotiation
  • sales scripts

Learn how and what to say to your Chinese clients without worrying about cultural nuances and coming off as unprofessional.

Adapt these templates to apply to a specific student or your business polices. Use them as an automated response when you’re short on time!

Currently available for CREATE&CONVERT course members ONLY!! 

So… Any Questions? Here’s What Your Fellow Create and Convert Members Have Asked Before Clicking Enroll.

Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ is the ultimate resource for any independent teacher targeting the Chinese ESL market and looking to grow their student base from scratch. Regardless of whether you’ve been a teacher for 10 years or you’re just starting out. In Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ you’ll learn to implement and create content in alignment with your strategy, navigate your sales funnel to produce more successful conversions in your business, and begin leveraging your current student base to further scale your business… then we’ll get into focused action in 6 major areas of our Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ (1) Getting Started on XiaoHongShu. (2) Hack the RED Algorithm
(3) The Content Creator Mindset (4) Tech for Teachers (5) The Sales-savvy Teacher (6) Scaling Your Business and Beyond. If that sounds like your cup of tea, Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ is right for you!

And one more thing. Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ is the perfect resource for you if you need a little extra dose of accountability to finally begin implementing your XiaoHongShu marketing strategy. Because you’re busy. And it’s intimidating out there. We designed this course to be hands-on and highly supportive for this reason. A Xiaohongshu profile is exactly the resource you need to begin growing and scaling your independent student base..but the work doesn’t stop there! The Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ is designed to make you take the inspired action and begin implementing the full scope of your XiaoHongShu marketing strategy with the support of Coach Chris, Coach Kinga and a community of the brightest online teacherpreneurs around, as well as provide you with the tools to finally create the content and convert the students you’ve always dreamed of having in your independent teaching business.

Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ is a self-paced implementation program, meaning you can work as many or as few hours as your schedule allows. Each module will be released on a weekly basis for you to work through at your own pace. The following module can be unlocked only when the previous one has been completed!

A good rule of thumb would be an hour per week watching the lessons, and another 2-3 putting them into action for about 6 weeks.

(pretty much the same amount of time that most entrepreneurs spend in “figuring-it-out” mode).

But here’s the thing…

As you’ll find, Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ is designed for rapid implementation and sustainable momentum.

Meaning, as you stack up the wins and start waking up to new leads every morning…

You’ll WANT to keep going.

You’ll WANT to speed through Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ as quickly as you can.

You’ll WANT to make it the first thing you jump into after your epic morning routine.

Because as you’ll soon see, creating and converting on XiaoHongShu isn’t a chore when you know exactly what you need to be doing to get amazing results without any wasted effort.

It’s actually one of the most fun and satisfying things you can do in your business.

We get it. Social Media can be very overwhelming. Particularly for the online teacher navigating Chinese social media.

When you don’t have an actionable, easy to follow, road map to stick to, overwhelm happens. We created Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ to be the answer to your overwhelm.

You’re not gonna take on all the tasks all at once.

You’re going to follow our very detailed, step-by-step implementation lessons, celebrate your wins, and gradually become a SUCCESSFUL teacherpreneur leveraging and implmenting the same tools and strategies top earning teachers have been using for so long.

As long as you promise to follow the strategies sequentially and avoid skipping ahead, we promise to keep you on track.

You have lifetime access! Whenever, wherever.

Create and Convert: A Teacherpreneur’s Course to Chinese Social Media Ⓡ begins on January 9th, 2023 and ends on February 17, 2023

The best time to build your Chinese Social Media strategy was yesterday. The next best time is today.

Coach Chris and Coach Kinga are so excited to extend this opportunity for you to work more closely with us over the next few weeks…

We know exactly how daunting CONTENT CREATION can sometimes feel for the online teacher. Not to mention SALES AND CONVERSION. Combine that with the added stress of finding students on a foreign social media app, and most teachers would be ready to walk away…


We have already made ALL OF THE MISTAKES, so you don’t have to! We’ve been through it all…

But now we never have to accept a low paying rate from a company again. We can charge as much as we want to. We can take time off from our business whenever we want or need it. We can chose WHO we teach, HOW we teach, and WHEN we teach. No more penalties. And we are ready to share the success we have found within our own SOLO BUSINESSES and provide you with all the right tools, training, and expertise to help YOU achieve that level of success too!

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this investment at this LOW PRICE while you still can and GROW AND SCALE your independent teaching BIZ via Chinese Social Media the way you’ve always dreamed of!

Join us today!!!

-Chris and Kinga

Let’s Go!

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