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THIS was what I needed. I thought the only way to grow my studentbase was through referrals (terrifying ) but now I can see the POWER of social media marketing in the Chinese market! It's possible! ... I urge ANYONE who is apprehensive about starting their marketing journey... Thank you Kinga and Chris!!
Teacher Cassie
Notion Expert, Online Teacher
When building and growing a business, it can be tricky to always make the correct decisions. I often consult Kinda on matters relating to curriculum, social media and "the ESL" industry in general. She always has solid advice and can point me in the right direction or refer me to someone who can assist. Thank you Kinga for always being willing to assist in building my brand: The Smarty Box ESL.
Alexander Tops
CEO of The Smarty Box, Online Teacher
They’re doing some really great things and several of my students from Launch have found great success with the app.
The Online Teacher Dude
Christopher and Kinga you two are superheroes! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing content!!!
Allison Winzurk
Admin of *edu*daptable, Online Teacher, Bootcamp Alumni
I am so grateful for this! I recently started my independent journey and I have 2 students from previous platforms, 1 (possibly 2) from referrals and today I had my first from Xiaohongshu! Not only that but they signed up for multiple classes per week! I couldn’t have had this opportunity without you…Thank you!
Tatum LM
Online Teacher, BOOTCAMP alumni

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